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Not too long ago - about July in fact - I met in a car accident (full head on collision). Luckily neither I nor the other driver was injured and we did not have other passengers in our vehicles or this would have been a different story told from a less comfortable location - if you know what I mean. The police told me that people rarely survive accidents at that spot and mine was bad. There were some aches and pains for a few days but the doctor saw to those really quickly and I am hale and hearty once again.

But to show you what creature comforts can do to us all, my husband and I started missing the "luxury" of having a motor vehicle at our disposal to go wherever we wanted. We did not have the vehicle for very long but we were relying in it maybe more than we should to the point where a quick walk to the shop up the road made me breathless and car disposal St Albans that was not the case eight months ago.

We learn little lessons even when things go wrong don't we?

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